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The faculty team

Katrin Sporenberg

Head of the faculty of Energy Dancing of the Light Awareness Academy

Dancer, Singer and Author; lives and works as a dance teacher and trainer in Düsseldorf



Born 1979 in Remscheid, Germany

Master Degree in economics
Management assistant in advertising
Teacher for dance improvisation  (Dr. Detlef Kappert, Institut für Tanz und Bewegungsdynamik)
Dance and movement pedagogue (Campus Naturalis Akademie)
Since 2012 master student of David Wared
Training as Light Essence Therapist and Meditation Teacher by David Wared
Study of philosophy
Study of Lightawareness Philosophy by David Wared (in training)
Since 2013, establishment and management of the Energy Dancing faculty by David Wared


I teach Energy Dancing and other Lightdances. As an Energy Dancing Teacher and Energy Dancing Therapist by David Wared I support you in activating your self-healing powers and strengthening the connection to your innermost being so that you can express yourself more intuitively and freely - both in dance and in life. Through my own love of dance, I have experienced many facets of how intuitive dancing can directly increase one's vibration and open spaces for self-awareness when we are ready to engage ourselves into the dancing. I offer Energy Dancing in individual therapy as well as in classes of groups.

My serving is accompanied by the Light Essence Therapy in the  5 pillars of Lightessence-therapy (education, consulting, supervision, assistance, treatment), in particular by lightpoint activation and energy work during the individual and group classes.

Agnes Zieba

Facultyteam of Energy Dancing

Dancer and Singer, lives in Düsseldorf


Born 1979 in Katowice/Poland

Childcare assistant

Since 2016 master student of David Wared
Light Essence Therapist by David Wared
Energy Dancing Teacher by David Wared
Member of the faculty of Earth Healing by David Wared


I've always enjoyed dancing. In Energy Dancing I realized that dance doesn't need any learned footsteps you need to focus on and that dancing can be directed not only outwards but also inwards.

Since my first participation in Energy Dancing and further on in the training of Energy Dancing Practitioner, I have been able to gain a lot of experience. These are always fascinating for me, and I rediscover myself. Music is a wonderful medium to enter into a moving meditation. I experience Energy Dancing as liberating, healing, expanding and deepening. I would like to deepen these experiences for myself and also make them available to others.

As an Energy Dancing Teacher I would like to support you to balance thinking and feeling in your mind-controlled everyday world. I would like to enable you to get in deeper touch with your spirit and soul through music and intuitive dancing, to perceive the heart’s level and to express it. My intention is to give you the space to find, experience, discover and recognize your own order, your own harmony and your own rhythm. I would also like to give you the opportunity to get to know meditation in a moved and moving way and thereby become freer and clearer.

"Dance yourself or be danced through the meditative connection to heaven and earth."

Leonie Horst

Facultyteam of Energy Dancing

Autor andLight essence therapist, lives in Düsseldorf


born 1999 in Flaunden, England

Light essence therapist and meditation teacher by David Wared
Study of philosophy according to David Wared
since 2022 Light Yoga Teacher
since 2022 Energy Dancing Practitioner Teacher

Before becoming an Energy Dancing Teacher, I had no particular connection to dance or music.

But at the point where I decided to open up and let myself in, I experienced more and more the healing effects of Energy Dancing. I have learned in the training to express through dance what I cannot put into words, and have been touched each time by the new experiences we have all been able to have.

Through my letting myself in, I have rediscovered my joy in dance and movement meditation, strengthened my intuition and deepened my feeling. I look forward to passing on to others all that I myself have encountered, experienced and realized.

I am very grateful to be able to deepen and expand Energy Dancing together as part of the faculty team, and it is a great gift to be able to bring the vision into the world together.

Sarah Maniecki

Fachbereichsteam Energy Dancing

Medieninformatikerin, aktiv in den Bereichen Lichtaufstellung‚ lichtbewusste Ernährung und Energy Dancing, lebt in Düsseldorf.


geb. 1981 in Neuss bei Düsseldorf

Fortbildung gesunde Ernährung und Kräuterheilkunde nach Lichtbewusstsein (i.A)
Lichtbewusstseinsphilosophiestudium nach David Wared (i.A.)
Seit 2017 LichtaufstellungPractitioner Themenaufstellung und seit 2022 Lebenslichtaufstellung
Seit 2020 Energy Dancing Teacher
Seit 2016 Lichtessenztherapeutin

In meinen absolvierten Ausbildungen und Wirken an der Lichtbewusstseinakademie bin ich immer wieder in den „Genuss“ gekommen, bei unterschiedlichen Energy Dancing Kursen und Workshops teilzunehmen. Die ersten Stunden waren sehr ungewohnt für mich und es fiel mir schwer, mich frei aus meinem inneren heraus zu bewegen und mich auf diese neue Art des (meditativen) Tanzens einzulassen.
Und dennoch war ich nach jeder Stunde reichlich beschenkt und fühlte mich innerlich immer freier.

Ein Sehnen in mir war geweckt die Ausbildung zum Energy Dancing Practitioner zu starten, um noch mehr und intensivere Erfahrungen zu erleben. Während der Ausbildung ist das Energy Dancing zu einem wesentlicheren Bestandteil in meinem Leben geworden. Über das intuitive und meditative Tanzen energetisiere und vitalisiere ich nicht nur meinen Körper, sondern tanze in Sphären und Dimensionen die mich auf allen Ebenen beglücken und begeistern.

Im Besondere ist es mir eine Freude als Lichtaufstellung Teacher und Energy Dancing Teacher beide Heilmethoden miteinander zu kombinieren und Menschen auf ihrem Weg zu begleiten.

Steffi Angermann

Facultyteam of Energy Dancing


Born in 1981 in Rüdersdorf near Berlin

Diploma in Business Economics with a focus on Marketing

Since 2015 nutrition coach and relaxation trainer

Since 2021 Energy Dancing Teacher

In the course of my work as a nutrition coach and relaxation therapist, I have become increasingly aware of how important the perception and handling of one's own body is, both for physical and mental health. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is missing in many people today.

Through everyday life and all the things that keep us busy, we are increasingly only in the head and have forgotten to listen to our body - to feel us and to feel inside of us. Thus, for a large part of people, access to feelings has also been lost.

For me, Energy Dancing offers a wonderful opportunity to awaken in an easy way exactly these forgotten abilities that we still possessed as children and to integrate them into ourselves more consciously. One experiences oneself in a completely new way. The body becomes softer and more supple, but also self-confidence and self-expression show themselves more and more as the practice progresses.
The life of feelings gets more attention and space to be lived out in the truest sense.
Furthermore, as a participant myself, I have always been thrilled and fascinated by what can be revealed and released in one dance alone in Energy Dancing!

In addition, Energy Dancing is for me a wonderfully simple method of meditation, in which I can easily let go, open and give myself.