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Individual Therapy

In individual lessons it is important to me to tune into you by the means of a joint introductory meditation, specific questions and my intuition to find out which form and which dance is important for the lesson. Depending on what is important now, I intuitively choose the dance, (e.g. six steps of Energy Dancing, Expression of meditative Dancing, Communicative Dancing, Feel Free Dance, Cardio Dancing) as well as the appropriate pieces of music. All dances are based on the Philosophy of Light Awareness and are the expression of a movement meditation in which you consciously connect with your essence. We dance Energy Dancing with closed eyes. Adjusting to the flow of energy and your own breath makes it easier for you to open up and to let yourself in to feeling. The mind as a constant instrument of thought and analysis comes more and more to rest.

During the dance I hold the space energy, give energetic impulses (Healing Touch), perceive attentively and feel into you what is needed right now. If a body touch is needed so that you can immerse yourself more deeply in the dance, in the movement and vibration, I will go into an Communicative Dancing with you. If you need powerful music to dance something out without control, this may happen while I beat the drums. If there is a need for a loving embrace, to be held, to let the primal trust grow and prosper, I am there. Depending on the person, condition and life situation, such an individual dance therapy lesson can have a very special healing and liberating quality. Through the protected space of the two of us you can sometimes go even deeper into your expression and release something more than in a group.

As a Light Essence Therapist and Meditation Teacher by David Wared, I work holistically with other methods such as meditation, lightpoint activation, sound therapy, praise chanting and color therapy. I belong to the Light Essence Therapist Team of the Light Awareness Academy so that you can be lovingly accompanied in your liberation and healing path by further therapists, if desired.

Appointments: by arrangement.

Duration: 60 minutes incl. introductory and follow-up session.

Energy balancing: 60 €