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Light Awareness Academy

Educational institution for the path to self-recognition

To bring Light Awareness to the world, David Wared founded the Light Awareness Academy in 2011 as a place of education, consultation, supervision, assistance and treatment. It is a place of healing and cognition, exploration and development.

In addition to the weekly spiritual eye meditation and various training courses, which David Wared himself conducts, he places further healing therapies and training courses trustingly in the hands of his master students. Carried by the vision of each person's development towards a lightaware Community, as his master students we work together every day in this spiritual home.

One of these new healing methods, which David Wared transferred to his students, is the movement meditation Energy Dancing. As a spiritual educational institution, specialist faculties have emerged from it. The different Lightdances from the faculty of Energy Dancing are offered in the meditation room on the second floor of the Light Awareness Academy. A bright, friendly room with a green, soft floor invites you to move creatively and let oneself into intuitive movements. Depending on the phase of dancing, different light settings create an atmosphere in which one can immerse oneself deeply in communication with one's own soul depth, which enables liberating and healing experiences. A seminar room equipped with modern technology is also available for the training units and workshops in which theory is taught.


In addition to the rooms on the 2nd floor, the Light Awareness Academy has other floors on which meditations, training courses, seminars, workshops, Light Essence Therapy, lectures etc. take place. In this Mother House methods and ways are offered for your healing and way of becoming conscious.

In addition, specially trained Light Essence Therapists and Meditation Teachers accompany and advise you in crises, distress and stressful life situations. They develop projects for building new societies in peace and for the protection of Mother Earth. Courses and seminars are also offered in various areas.