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What is the effect of Energy Dancing?

Energy Dancing has an effect on the body, spirit and soul and thus creates a connection between these three levels of existence.

David Wared developed Energy Dancing to harmonize and balance the flow of energy in the body and cells. Energy Dancing frees people from a pronounced emphasis of thinking that keeps the more rational people away from their pure sensation and facilitates access to feeling themselves. Stability, balance and harmony in life are promoted.

Through the intuitive movements in meditation you feel your vital energy flowing in you and experience more vitality, mental freshness and relaxation. The body is vitalized and energized and the body's own vibration frequency increases. This gives the dancer more strenght and energy. The increased vibration frequency can also release manifested blockades on the level of the body, soul and spirit.

Energy Dancing is also a source of strength because the dancer invites joy, lightness and light-heartedness into life. These energizing qualities are often neglected in everyday life and are not lived due to activities, obligations, external and internal stress and conditioning.