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Desire for healing

Energy Dancing - for clients with a desire for healing on the level of body, soul and spirit

People with mental stress or physical illness who are already open to a new approach to dance therapy can use Energy Dancing to bring unconscious parts back into their consciousness. If a person is willing to explore the causes of his illnesses - which according to the Light Psychology always have their causes on the level of spirit and soul - he can experience how liberation and healing happens on the physical, spiritual and mental level. All three levels are equally important for a healing process; they are inseparable and interdependent. In the transformation of shadow aspects, fears and deeply hidden beliefs, a person who is seeking help is lovingly accompanied by a trained Energy Dancing Therapist, who is also a Light Essence Therapist. He is supported in his healing process by the 5B of the Light Essence Therapy” Education, Mentoring, Counselling, Treatment and Support".