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Why meditative dancing?

Our life is clocked. Do you know YOUR rhythm?

Energy Dancing is an intuitive dancing that orders, harmonizes and rhythmizes your body, spirit and soul. Find your unique rhythm through the movement meditation. Thereby the self-experience of the intuitive expression of feelings through movement is in the foreground, instead of learning a dance with given step and movement elements. Movement is a sign of vitality and it serves life. Through movement the vitality is expressed. Meditation can be practiced in all situations, including movement. It brings the liveliness into the flow of the movement and promotes the finding and development of one's own rhythm and the individual way of moving. This form of meditation is initiated by the body, but goes beyond physical well-being, opening spaces for deeper experiences.

Did you know that you can enter silence through movement?

The meditative state makes it easier for you to reflect on your essential core. The indigenous peoples already knew about these effects, because they connected sounds and movement with each other. They were dancing, singing and beating drums, which put them into their inner being. Meditation means to take space for reflection on one's own self. A meditative dance through intuitive movements can open spaces for vitalization, liberation and deep self-discovery within you. Each dance tells the story of the present moment.

Traditionally, this way of meditating ties in with the temple dance of ancient cultures, which leads the dancers into deep immersion. The light essence - the universal life energy - is absorbed through veins, cells, organs, heart and mind and the inner boundaries dissolve without losing the ability to think.

Through the integration and connection between mind and emotion, the gates to the heart level open. The dance helps to remove the sense of separation between body, spirit and soul and to make the dance a "sacred dance" - otherwise the dance is only an outer action according to human standards, which then brings nothing healing with it and cannot touch the innermost.

If you let yourself in, you can have deeply touching and soulful experiences. Your trust and connection will be fostered. In many cultures there have always been different forms of temple dances and healing dances which have helped the dancers to master spirituality.


"There is a dance
in which the meditating one dances the creator
and in which the creator
expresses Himself in man."

David Wared