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The 11 Basic Values

Principles for action for Life

David Wared has described over 50 light principles, of which the 11 basic values of light, love, life (3L-principle), order, harmony, rhythm (OHR-principle), love, truth, peace, freedom, unity (5 eternally values) are an orientation and the highest possible description of the real reality that man can realize.


The Principle of Creation

The 3L Principle is the highest principle of creation. Light, love and life are short descriptions of his phenomena that permeate our entire existence.

It symbolizes as the highest universal creation principle of the Light Awareness Philosophy the Trinity of expansion (light principle), expression (love principle) and development (life principle).

Light is the principle of expansion. Everything that exists strives for expansion, extension and refinement. The spirit is witnessing and wants to expand. It stands for knowledge.

Love is the principle of expression. Love brings connection into an occurance, so that man can express himself through his uniqueness. When the spirit begets, love can give birth.

Life is the principle of development. It is the energy that enables movement, change and transformation as a living force, it is the eternal flow of all existence. Life on earth is a possibility to experience the reality of being.

Also in Energy Dancing a dancer can realize the 3L-principle. Dancing out of the heart helps to expand one's own light, to express one's love and to bring one's own body and life into true evolutionary movements. Thus he comes into a very intensive contact with his essence, with his being, with his originality and with his source of strenght.

It's about getting you into a movement - into a movement inwards.
It is about bringing you into a contact - into a contact inwards.
It is about bringing you into an expansion - into an expansion inwards.

From this movement inwards you can make all movements outwards.
From this contact inward you can accomplish any outside contact.
From this experience inward you can accomplish every insight outwards.

The Five Eternal Values

The 3L principle finds its expression in the five eternal values. These are eternally valid, independent of dimensions and manifestations. They are not created, but the source of creation. Unrestricted by space, time and form freedom, peace, truth, love and unity are values that cannot be abolished or influenced.

Freedom, like all other eternal values, is a existeness In freedom, man is free from imaginations of all kinds, because they restrict his self-expression.. In order to achieve the highest freedom in harmony, it is important to change the previous state of relative unfreedom by transforming all limiting and blocking states. Thinking is free when it can perceive and integrate everything, including feelings. As a spiritual being it is important not only to think clearly and freely, but also to feel free. Free and pure feeling means that feelings are not influenced by others, not even from the source of the mind. Free actions are opening and arise from the immortality of life.

Eternal peace is the longing in the heart of humankind. Peace is the complete acceptance of all that has been created. Peace is therefore the highest expression of human activity, which defines the well-being of the whole as the ultimate goal. To wield power is incompatible with peace. Harmony, acceptance and appreciation of the other, as well as peacefulness in all actions, are expressions of peace. Calmness and perseverance bear witness to inner peace. Inner peace comes about when man is in peaceful unity with all creation.


A special and unique power emanates from statements that correspond to the truth. Truth is liberating, healing and enlightening, depending on the consciousness reached so far. Humankind experiences truth as individual, inner truth, as outer truth, which he experiences in communication with the world around him, and as universal, absolute truth, which concerns his existence. In human life there are many individual truths. But the ONE universal truth is the same for all. The one who truly lives is the bearer and messenger of superdual real reality. Truth manifests itself in honesty, reliability, loyalty and authenticity.


Love as a principle of connectedness occupies a special position within the eternal values. The appreciation of all beings without conditions or limitations makes love the expression of unity. Love always works for the good of the whole. It expresses itself among other things through devotion, fusion, selflove, respect and humility. The meaning of love lies in the promotion to its highest completed and noblest expression.

The love for oneself expands and leaves the individual boundaries in the growth process, whereby fusion can happen. Through this love reaches YOU and in the further course all beings and our Mother Earth itself.

Unity is the highest and all-inclusive principle. It is the original state of being and at the same time the goal and longing of all development. Everything has a longing to merge into oneness and finally to lift all separation and individuality. Unity is realized in duality through the states of balance, order, harmony, justice, stability and integrity. The ability to create unity is inherent in all beings. The way there lies in connection, communication, engagement and insight. Insight means to accept the insight.


The five eternal values serve the human being as guideline principle and for orientation, and through their unfolding generate the deeper meaning of life. To live from the essence means to realize the five eternal values and to free oneself from dual conditions. Each of the five eternal values requires implementation on all levels and only in their totality do they unfold their effect, and a unified connection becomes possible and can be experienced.

In meditation practice, they serve as reliable fundamental pillar, which people can internalize and express through their own decisions. They lead out of the limitations and free the human being from his dual situation.

The five eternal values can be perceived more deeply through meditative dancing. The Energy Dancer can easily increase his vibration frequency and feels energized and more powerful. The conscious adjustment to one or more values opens spaces for deeper feeling and the eternal values become more and more integrated into life over time.

"If you wish peace, have a shining heart.
If you wish truth, have an inquiring heart.
If you wish freedom, have a courageous heart.
If you wish love, have a devotional heart.
If you wish unity, have a serving heart."

David Wared

The OHR Principle

The OHR-principle (principle of order) combines order, harmony and rhythm. All existence lives in a universal order.


According to Light Awareness, order is the living basis of free creative existence. Every human being also has his own order, his own harmony and his unique rhythm, which distinguishes him from other beings. An ordering principle guides all life processes and energy flows / energy flows into their real pathways. It is not a rigid set of rules, but a flowing order, in a finely tuned rhythm, similar to the voices in a choir.


Harmony strives for the expression of solidarity, whereby the connection to the social environment and the balancing of strengths become possible through inner oneness. By balancing the polarities, disharmonic forces can merge into harmonious interaction. If a person's liveliness depends on external values, he cannot achieve the highest harmony.


Rhythm means liveliness, movement and change. Through rhythm, processes and developments are given balanced forms of movement that lovingly change everything and have healing and balancing effects. It is important to recognize the unique rhythm that constitutes the authentic drive and to harmonize it with the universal OHR-principle, or to adapt to it more and more.

The person who has come out of rhythm longs for impulses for his integration into the rhythm of life of being. Everything that has fallen into disharmony and disorder needs to be completed again.


For a balanced, powerful life it is important to develop and realize your OHR Principle. It helps you to lead a self-determined and free life and not to let yourself be restricted by conditioning and adhesion on the outside.


Energy Dancing was developed by David Wared as an idea of rhythmic movement to bring the body into its own rhythm. Order and harmony of the universe are perceived in its own rhythm and the rhythm of the universe is felt in itself.