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Energy Dancing

Six Steps

Six steps that lead you into the depths of your heart – recognize your essentiality

Energy Dancing is a movement meditation, which has a sequence of six phases. Starting from the outer perception, the dancer turns more and more into his inner space and expands his perception and sensations outwards and inwards.

There is both - an activation phase and as well as a resting phase in the sequence of the dance. The active movements change into slow movements, which eventually lead to an "inner dancing " without the body moving. Through the resting phases, healing can take place especially on the cellular level.

Through Energy Dancing, heart and mind are brought back into a harmonious consonance. Intuitive movements emerge from within - without the mind having to learn a step sequence or choreography. Energy Dancing is pure improvisation and intuition. The dancer would begin to think by giving demand of steps. In this way the dancer is given the opportunity to get into a meta-perspective through which he can gain insights.

During the entire dance meditation, the body can be felt intensively and the energy flow inside and outside the body can be observed and perceived intensively. The music and especially the vibrations of the music are taken inwards without actively controlling the movements.


 "You dance on earth,
in order to unite real reality
in your life dance with joy."

 David Wared