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For Children and Teenagers

Energy Dancing for Children and Teenagers

It is precisely the promotion of children through movement that helps them to consciously perceive their bodies, to maintain their connection to themselves and to be strengthened from within. Energy Dancing can be used to balance and relax children and adolescents. Intuitive dancing facilitates learning and increases the ability to concentrate. In addition, children and adolescents often absorb the pressure of today's competitive society at an early age. Stress is a sign of growing demands in school. The growing demands are expressed through stressed. Intuitive movements release tensions, the children express themselves naturally and find ways to release them from the cells and muscles. Especially something they are not able to express verbally (e.g. school problems, not feeling understood) can be expressed on the intuitive level and does not accumulate in the first place.

In addition, a natural form of reflection at an early age makes it easier to maintain, strengthen and promote the connection to one's own being, which you bring with you. Energy Dancing also requires coordination of movements and balances hemispheres. This means that not only the cognitive intelligence (logic, language, numbers) of a young person is promoted, but also the intuitive intelligence (e.g. creativity, art, sensations and feelings). In this way, the gates to their potential development open naturally.