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Earth Healing in Lightdance

We dance in light, love and life

In a nearby forest in Duesseldorf, we held a four-hour event in cooperation with the Earth Healing Department of the Light Awareness Academy.

In beautiful scenery, the participants were taught the various possibilities of earth healing during a short lecture. Besides garbage collection and renaturation, spiritual healing impulses, our appreciation and blessing were sent. We provided universal energy to Mother Earth and all life in the surrounding nature through a meditative expressive dance, which flowed through us and out of us in the energy dance.

To tune in and connect before the energy dance, we did a focus meditation on a lake. Likewise, we deepened our perception by touching our surroundings with our eyes closed.

As we began to dance, the changed, increased energy is immediately noticeable, spreading out from us. The participants dance standing, others move at times squatting or kneeling near the floor.

On our contemplative way back, we could feel consciously the energy of the forest and our work in silence.

When one participant found a heart-shaped stone, it was as if Mother Earth was thanking us with this sign for our loving serving.