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David Wared

Healer and Peace visionary

As a born healer and philosopher of healing, David Wared is a phenomenon that mankind has never known before. As a universal genius, in 1974, at the age of three and a half, he received universal revelations in deep meditative immersion and called this completely new philosophical teaching "Light Awareness ".

His work includes a newly developed healing approach: the "Light Essence Therapy". In this new art of healing, a healing knowledge that has been strictly guarded by the family as well as various methods and philosophical approaches for the healing of people and our Mother Earth are made accessible to everyone for the first time. David Wared brings together the areas of philosophy and healing, so that this healing philosophy for the first time also integrates the female access to knowledge, the level of feeling. David Wared brings the fundamental approaches of liberation, healing and cognition into their unified context.

As a mystic by birth, David Wared is aware of the insights and perspectives needed to move from a life of limitations and compelled motivations to the freedom of pure feeling and clear thinking. With his enlightening understanding of mystic, David Wared has redefined the whole field of spirituality, redeveloped plenty of methods and fundamentally reformed the existing field, such as meditation.


David Wared has always understood healing as a service to fellow human beings and to many other creatures such as animals, plants and to our Mother Earth. In his serving he is a pioneer for new social developments in the sense of an extended humanity, in which not only human beings, but all beings on earth and even Mother Earth itself have an equal right. His particular concern is to expand the human level and to free man from his entanglements in the best possible way. David Wared’s work encompasses visions that raise humanity to a completely new level and enable a fulfilling, blissful and free life for all beings on earth - for example, the construction of numerous „Cities of Peace“ on all continents. He teaches ways that are not against anything, but for a society of highest peace.