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Extended humanity

Equality with all people, animals, plants and mother earth

The philosophy of the lightaware Community points out new ways. These lead further than humanity goes according to the classical model and realizes the extended humanity. It defines the ethics of the new awareness, which not only respects, promotes and protects man in his highest form, but also shows this respect to all living beings on earth and to Mother Earth herself. It is not enough to realize a human orientation alone, but it is also necessary to ensure respect, esteem, appreciation, valuation and protection of people, animals, plants and nature.

The human being of the lightaware evolutionary stage is faced with the task of not only having the individual level in view, but also the global level as a whole. Globalism leads to the understanding of a worldwide family of all beings. The fellow human beings are the beginning, but it is necessary to dissolve all boundaries of togetherness. A truly globally oriented economic order no longer permits slavery or exploitation, neither with regard to other people nor with regard to nature.