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Lightdance around the World

Peacedance for worldwide light expansion

It is our heart's desire to bring the vision of extended humanity into the world. We travel to many countries, plant trees and meet people of all cultures and religions and share our peace with them. We meditate and pray with them, we philosophize, sing and dance together. So we invite them to be part of a big world family. In more and more countries, we organize peace congresses and set impulses for the reunification of separated areas / countries.

Dance is a wonderful way to connect people, as the language of movement is the unmediated and intuitive expression of feelings and sensations. No words are required. Through a common Lightdance we create the possibilities of non-verbal communication and encounter, where THE peace in us is felt alive and extended from all dancers into the whole world.

Our journeys focus on healing work and the expansion of consciousness. This is how we do healing - independent of encounters with people, animals, plants, water and earth. This can also be done through Energy Dancing.

In Lightdance around the world we dance for the pacification and unification of all peoples, nations, cultures and races, as well as for the equal rights of all beings on earth. With Energy Dancing we value human beings, animals, nature and Mother Earth, and thus heal and sanctify them. Thus, we ourselves become a dancing pillar of light, which expands its light through movement, which expresses its love through movement and which is living life.


„To serve my highest self, my little family,
my big family
and our world is true fulfillment.
My vision is a world, a fellow world and a humanity,
who senses and decides collectively and shares everything together -
am dedicated to this family of worlds.“

David Wared