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Mystical Dancing

The mystical dancing connects you with higher spheres and intoxicates you with the depth of love.

Mystical dancing according to the Philosophy of Light Awareness is an open, free and flowing movement and yoga meditation. The movements are slow, flowing and the dancer has his eyes closed. The mystical dancing serves the heart perception, the true feeling and the present being of the dancer. It is an experience of one's own mysticism through which the dancer connects with higher spheres.

The mystical dancing is a joyful surrender of oneself, a loving gift of oneself in a movement that is currently emerging. During the mystical dancing the dancer perceives his unique frequency and becomes aware of his own rhythm. During these moments of total union and fusion, the dancer perceives something that is otherwise not perceptible. The universal light, the universal love and the eternal and infinite life become immediately perceptible to the dancer. Out of him light, love and living power into the world. Unity experiences are possible here, which bring the dancer closer to the essential, thus approaching his essential longing. The mystical dance serves to transcend - from the individual, into the global and into the universal. It serves to facilitate transformation and transcendence into the highest consciousness.


For a better understanding and practice of the 3L-principle (light, love and life) a differentiation into Lightdance, Lovedance and Lifedance is made. The Lightdance takes place while standing. This creates a very intensive connection between heaven and earth. The mystical dancer expands, experiences and recognizes the greatness of his own light. The Lovedance takes place while sitting, where the dancer experiences his immediate and direct creative power of love in the flowing movements of the mystical dancing.The Lifedance takes place lying down, which creates a very special way to feel Mother Earth. The mystical dancer intensively experiences the connection with Mother Earth and can bring strength and vitality into his movements.


"The mystical dancing is experiencing the wonder of one's own life.
The mystical dancing is discovering the wonder of one's own existence.

The mystical dancing is recognizing one's own highest consciousness."

David Wared