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Four Elements Dancing

Strengthening your elements

Fire, earth, water and air stand for energy qualities on all levels of duality that are felt and expressed in Dancing. Four Elements Dancing help to connect the elements of the body and to complete the human being in his elements. According to the "Typology by David Wared" every human being incarnates with a guiding and supporting element, which shapes his character traits and his actions. At birth, all four elements are inherent with different characteristics and are optimally "filled" in the course of life.
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Mother Earth as Creator has children - one for water, one for earth, one for fire and one for air.

Element Dancing Air

Element Dancing Fire

Element Dancing Earth

Element Dancing Water

Ideally, four Elements Dancing are danced in nature. They help the dancer to get in touch with the elements attentive and thus to express the four elements in the highest possible way. The Dancer can strengthen, express and complete the elements inside of him through the four Elements Dancing. They can be used to heal illnesses in particular. The shortage is made conscious and the potentials unfold.


The four Elements Dancing “Water” can make the softness and depth of the feelings perceptible. four Elements Dancing “Fire” is about igniting fire and one's own passion. Through the four Elements Dancing “Earth” a powerful connection with Mother Earth can be experienced. The four Elements Dancing “Air” is about making the lightness and spirit experienceable.


„I hear the sound of the wind,
Happiness is blowing on me.


I listen to the melody of the fire,
Happiness is crackling at me.

I hear the dance of the water,
Happiness is washing round me.

I listen to the song of the earth,
Happiness is carrying me.“

David Wared