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Expression of meditative Dancing

Theme dances for your expansion

It's not about dancing rhythmically or "beautifully", but about expressing your feelings.

The dancer can express his essence through the Expression of meditative Dancing. First and foremost, it is a matter of the dancer's expression, because the soul has the desire to express itself. The dancer creates a space of encounter with himself and expresses his essence. The dance arises out of the liveliness of the heart. In Expression of meditative Dancing, a feeling or sensation is perceived and expressed.

The Expression of meditative Dancing is relatively open. As a theme dance, i.e. with the specification of a theme (e.g. trust, truth, presence, goodness) the dancers are guided to get involved with a certain quality and to express it. They expand their experiences, perspectives and repertoire of movements. Regardless of their individual condition, they can practice "getting out" of inner states or sensitivities themselves and opening a liberating or healing space with an elevating quality within them.


"If you really want to fly, dance." 

David Wared