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The dance therapy training is based on the basics of the Light Awareness Philosophy and the healing approaches of the Light Essence Therapy according to David Wared.

The training is subdivided into basic level, advanced level I and II.

1st year of training: The basic level (Energy Dancing Practitioner) is aimed at people who wish to enter a deeper self-awareness through dance and movement.

2nd year of training: The Advanced Level I (Energy Dancing Teacher) is aimed at people who are active in pedagogical, artistic, social or therapeutic professions or who would like to open up a new field of activity and who would like to accompany other people in their development with the help of body expression and dance.

3rd year of training: Advanced level II (Energy Dancing Therapist) prepares you for dance therapy work, especially with clinical clients. (This part will only be offered from 2023.)

The Energy Dancing Therapist is familiar with the Philosophy of Light Awareness and integrates the healing approaches of Light Essence Therapy into the different dances. The combination of theoretical knowledge (Philosophy of Light Awareness), meditation, energy work and the lightdances opens spaces for liberation, healing and self-knowledge. Through the methods of the Energy Dancing-therapy impulses can be set, by which the own consciousness can be changed and blockades can be released.

Please contact me directly for the detailed training curriculum.

Energy Dancing Practitioner

Energy Dancing Teacher

Energy Dancing Therapist

Energy Dancing Practitioner

The basic Energy Dancing-Practitioner level is aimed at all open-minded people who wish to embark on a journey of dance awareness. It serves the intensive self-awareness and the experience of the dance-therapeutic effect.

The varied dance and movement experiences are combined with the principles of the Philosophy of Light Awareness. The training will enable you to become increasingly aware and clear of your body and to free yourself from many adhesions and blockades, thus creating more clarity for the essential. You create new spaces for yourself by increasing and expanding vitality, creativity and strength.

The basic level serves your intensive selfexperience and the experience of dance therapeutic effect as a user. In concrete terms, this means a more intensive body awareness, the activation of the organ systems, the getting to know the individual lightdances, a deeper perception of the heart level, the release of blockades on the spirit, soul and body and an intensive engagement with the Philosophy of Light Awareness and the healing paths of Light Essence Therapy. In addition to theoretical basics and the various meditative dances, praise chantings, meditation and healing journeys are integrated to deepen the knowledge.

Through the training you will be trained and supported in your processes of perception, awareness and cognition. Your self-responsibility and the deep engagement with transformation and liberation processes on your path of self-knowledge are of decisive importance.

No prior qualifications are required for the Energy Dancing Practitioner. Also young people and seniors are invited to explore wonderful spaces within themselves.

Energy Dancing Teacher


After successfully completing the first year of training, the Energy Dancing Teacher can be added. This part is aimed at people who would like to integrate body expression, creative movements and dance into their basic profession and also to those who would like to open up a new field of activity. It prepares for pedagogical and therapeutical dancing work in the areas of prevention and self-discovery with people who want to use dance for awareness and further development.


This year, the five pillars of Light Essence Therapy (education, consultation, supervision, assistance and treatment) will be more intensively integrated into the therapeutic work. The healing approaches of the Light Essence Therapy are deepened.

Energy Dancing Therapist

After completing Advanced Level I, there is the opportunity to get a degree as an Energy Dancing Therapist. This part of the training is aimed specifically at prospective therapists who wish to work particularly in the clinical field. The different target groups (e.g. senior mobility or children's dance) will be addressed.

This upgrade level extends dance therapy work to the clinical area and rehabilitation. A separate training as alternative practitioner or German Naturopath for psychotherapy is required.
For the detailed training curriculum please contact me directly.

Fields of application

Meditative dance therapy is used in psychology, education, social work, health and adult education, medicine, psychiatry, curative and special education, movement education, sport, art education, work with children, adolescents and the elderly, as well as in inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. The following classification of the areas of application into prevention, therapy and rehabilitation gives an initial overview:


Prevention & self-awareness

Treatment & Therapy


The holistic and "extended salutogenetic" approach is aimed at how people can keep their life flow going. An important area of application is stress prevention and stress reduction, holistic movement to maintain health, vitality and strengthening self- and potential development, as well as awareness. In particular, with the Light Awareness Academy as spiritual education place, in addition, with other institutions such as meeting places, gyms, companies, health insurance companies, advisory boards and schools a co-operation can take place.



People who are addicted or mentally ill, people with physical blockades or traumas, people with mental disabilities or with diagnoses such as depression or burnout can be treated and strengthened in clinical and psychiatric-psychotherapeutic institutions.



In stationary as well as outpatient rehabilitation and seniors' facilities, people with limited physical mobility or irreversible disorders and injuries can experience that vitality and joy of living can also be experienced with limited physical agility.


Target groups


The training is aimed at Light Essence Therapists, teachers, rhythmists, social pedagogues, pedagogical specialists in day care centers for children, pedagogical specialists in institutions for the disabled, adult educators, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychotherapists, music and sports pedagogues, sports therapists, life and social counsellors, sports trainers, German Naturopath for psychotherapy, non-medical practitioners in general and all those who would like to gain self-awareness through movement.