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Special Events

Fire ceremony for the Night

Date: 30th of April 2024

Location: Ratingen

This event is organized by the faculty of Earth Healing, Typology and Energy Dancing. The fire ceremony is a healing ceremony for Mother Earth and takes place every year. You look for a varied, approx. three-hour program with meditation, dancing, music, singing together and a fire ceremony. The evening will end with drums and other small percussion instruments. Let us surprise you. If you like, you are welcome to end the night with us intuitively. You have to bring: a seat, e.g. sleeping mat or pillow,
weatherproof clothing as well as drums and small percussion instruments, if available.

Energy Dancing meets Earth Healing

We will spend this day together with the faculty of Earth Healing in the pure nature. We will give ourselves to Mother Earth through Healing Dances and Healing Rituals.

The Philosophy of Light Awareness with its extended understanding of humanity appreciates every form of liveliness, and therefore dissolves the separation between human kind, animal, nature and Mother Earth. Through Energy Dancing we can set healing impulses on a global level for Mother Earth, plants, animals and humans. Therefore Energy Dancing is also an important method for healing the earth.

Nature‘s dance day

Date: summer 2024

Location: 20.7 in Neuss

In the yearly Nature’s dance day we connect with the elements water, earth, fire and air and activate the elements within us. With Elements’ Dances (link to the Elements’ Dances under 3. Dance Areas), music and sound we spend a whole day in nature. The day ends with a fire ritual in the evening.

You can find a picture gallery of the nature’s dance day here.

Pleace register in advanced.


Light chain at the Rhine 2024

Date:  in 2024

Location: tbd

The Rhine has always been an important lifeline from its source to its mouth. It is thus a carrier of life and information.

We transmit to the Rhine our desire for peace, love and healing for the earth. May the power and the current of the water carry it into the world. The event of the Chain of lights is dedicated to peace, love and our beautiful planet Earth and its healing.

Within the framework of the chain of lights since 2016 we connected ourselves with the elements (fire, earth, water and air) and did an element dance for Mother Earth. Also this year we will connect to Mother Earth through a movement meditation and send holy impulses.