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The discovery of one's own parts of being is essential for the path of knowledge. Self-knowledge happens because of a deep longing of the human being for the expansion of his highest knowledge beyond the perceptible things and processes. Every process of self-cognition begins with the self-perception of external, inner and universal reality. An authentic self-knowledge serves to make the human being take responsibility for everything that has happened in his life and what he himself has caused. Only the processes of self-knowledge make these connections conscious and the human being experiences who he really is and how he finds decisions that express his authentic self. Insights into this can be gained, for example, through the Feel Free Dance, in which the dancer deals with a current problem or topic that is currently occupying him.

Self-recognition connects the individual self with the real reality, so that the highest self can be experienced by the human being. This transcendence is a transition to a completely different level, where one's own light enters into a greater light.

„To know one's self
is to bring one's inner truth to life.
To be in self-knowledge means

to share one's inner truth vividly with others.“
David Wared