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Dancer Feedback

„Whith Energy Dancing I have the opportunity to reconnect and get in touch with myself and my body again. Percieving and then expressing what is alive within me just now. To let all movement arise from within me more and more and to be able to let go and be moved. This has allowed me to make profoundly delightful, joyful, fulfilling and healing experiences.”

Petra, Hannover

“Energy Dancing to me, is an experience and the recognition of balance. Becoming aware of physical limitations in the form of blockages is very painful. Dancing up to the limit of what is possible, however, causes a harmonious process through devotion and acceptance. My soul is given more room, goes beyond limitations and a balance is increasingly created.”

Monika, Düsseldorf

“Energy Dancing helps me to step out of my everyday routine and to come into myself. I can sense and feel, that I am more than my body. I come in contact with my soul, my spirit and the core of my essential-being. I get away from other-directed action, come into my own rhythm and find harmony. It fills me up and gives me new strength, even if I was tired before dancing or in a cloudy mood. It's truly a meditation, even though you're moving. Sometimes it is a lot easier that way..."

Agnes, Düsseldorf

"Energy Dancing has freed me from my performance and evaluation mode and has brought the joy of movement and dancing into my life. It is not about performance, but about the essential: It is about me. I can come into contact with my deepest inner self because I am allowed to feel and sense what is showing up inside of me right now. My body expresses itself through intuitive movements and the more I let go, I can feel and recognize my inner blockages and old imprints. Thereby healing can happen within me and I feel liberation, happiness, joy and my inner peace. To me Energy Dancing is a great gift."

Cornelia, Essen