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Vision of the faculty

Spiritual, mental and physical movement

"Our vision is to offer you a trusting space in which you can let yourself into the dance, with your tender, inner voice that taps at your door and wants to express itself through dance. Your feelings may come into their movement-expression in the way you need it for your liberation, healing and consciousness development".

Our vision is, to open doors to the heart of all those, whose access to their essence is through music and movement. The vision is, to gain entry into to the pure soul and the clear spirit beyond the physical level. The vision is, to connect people deeper with their heart level and their feeling. The goal is to find for each person the appropriate Lightdance as he needs it at the moment. It is our aim to create an atmosphere of trust through an attentive, loving and empathic supervision, in which the dancers can dedicate and let go of themselves in order to allow more depth.

Our vision is to open a space,
in which the dancer can expand his own light,
in which the dancer can transform his liveliness into movement,
in which the dancer can express his love and devotion.

Through our courses, seminars, trainings and individual dance therapy work, we are a supervisiors on the levels of spirit, soul and body, and we thus promote liberation, healing and cognition processes of the Energy Dancers.

Our goal is to familiarize children with Energy Dancing and to supervise seniors in joyful liveliness; to integrate Energy Dancing in schools, retirement homes, clinics and to promote intuitive intelligence and to restore the level of feeling to its equal position.


It is our vision, in cooperation with Light Essence Therapists, to integrate Energy Dancing as an accompanying therapy; to have a therapeutic effect on all those who are not in their inner order, harmony and rhythm; to be a pioneer for all those who feel their longing for awareness development; to explore the mysticism of light in Energy Dancing; to reach all those who have a healing effect on Mother Earth through Energy Dancing.

Our vision is to connect people of all cultures, races, religions and ethnicities worldwide non-verbally via Energy Dancing and to celebrate the most sacred and universal message of light, love and life together with them in expansion, expression and lively dancing and thus to build up a field of strength and love for Worldwide Peace.