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Body Lightpoint Dancing

Body lightpoint Dancing activates 15 main light points of the human being.

Body lightpoints are energy gates for ethereal strength of life. The body lightpoints vary in size and are interconnected. Within the body energy paths run, which connect larger light points with each other. An energy exchange between the body and the universe takes place via these sensitive areas. All energy gates allow the light essence to pass in both directions, so that both, the surplus of blocked energy can exit the body and healing energy can be supplied.

The lightpoints are assigned frequencies of visible light as colors. As a holistic system, they have references to the organs as well as to topics of the spirit and soul. Colors are sensory impressions that go beyond the physical senses. They convey messages to the human being for which there are no words. Their potential to heal and energize is underestimated in Western society. The human being needs energy of different colors to keep his life processes running.


Body Lightpoint Dancing activate the lightpoints in the dancer's body, taking into account the colors and organ references. Among other things, colored clothing, scarves and colored light glasses are used to support the dancers.

For the first time, one's own organs are consciously perceived, valued and strengthened. In this way the dancer can influence his own mood and activate the energy flow in his own body.

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„The energy interaction
happens with every breath,
all over the cosmos.“

David Wared