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Cardio Dancing

Be more conscious of your heartbeat - through it you are directly connected to the universe.

Cardio Dancing strengthens the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular diseases have increased in recent years. Previous approaches such as Cardio Activity or pure Cardio Training are limited to the physical level and rather serve to improve physical fitness. Since the Philosophy of Light Awareness goes beyond the physical level, Cardio Dancing is oriented in such a way that a heart opening occurs above it, and thus sets liberation, healing and cognition impulses from the spirit and soul. Through powerful dancing in three different phases, pulse rate and heartbeat are increased. In a subsequently meditative phase, the dancer is brought deeper into connection with his own heart.

Cardio Dancing can be danced for prevention as well as for self-experience. Through the activation on all levels it strengthens a free energy flow of the light essence in the body, which serves for the prevention of diseases. In addition, the body lightpoints are opened and activated. In the case of already existing illnesses (e.g. people with cardiovascular problems) the heart should be activated, as the coronary vessels are often already narrowed. These can expand again. There should be an additional consultation with doctors for an accompanying therapy and rehabilitation.


"Love is the primal seed
of all movement
and all life."

David Wared