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What is Energy Dancing?

Energy Dancing was developed by the healer and philosopher David Wared as a special form of movement meditation that integrates healing working into dancing. This lightdance is an emotive dancing where you would improvise. The movements arise intuitively from the inner core of the being. The dancer perceives the inner vibration and feelings and expresses them through movements. For people who find it easier to reach other levels through movement and music, meditative dancing is an important approach to expand their perceptive faculty and to free themselves from something blocking. By letting oneself in for the music and one's own body, a space can open up for deeper sensations and feelings. In this open space experiences happen that can be liberating, healing and expanding.

The meditating person dances with closed eyes, whereby he perceives himself and his sensations more intensively and can feel them more easily without being distracted by stimuli absorbed through his eyes. Through the meditative dancing you get access to your sources of strength again, which strengthen you on your path of consciousness. This makes it easier for you to master also the challenging situations in everyday life and to deal with them. Energy Dancing enables you to express yourself and to experience Oneness.

There is no "not being able to dance" in meditative dancing.

The focus is not on aesthetic and correctly executed movements according to given norms or on special mobility. It is about "getting involved" with the intuitive flow in order to perceive and feel yourself more intensely. Therefore, no previous knowledge or physical conditions are necessary - the deep effect can be experienced at any age and, also with limited mobility. By engaging oneself in it and permitting, the mind no longer controls your movements. Then spaces open up beyond the physical body for deeper, wonderful experiences. Everything is already created in you and can now be rediscovered and integrated into everyday life. Further Lightdances were born out of the Energy Dancing. All Light Dances have been developed by David Wared to accompany you on your way into a self-determined and lightful life.

"Energy Dancing is light.
Light is the generic term for energy.
Energy is spirit.
From this energy arises strength of life.

Energy Dancing is “dancing back” to the origin."

David Wared