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The paths to healing are many and varied and involve different levels of personality as well as super personal aspects. All healers from different healing teachings agreed that behind every suffering, behind every illness, behind every imbalance there is a message. Healing requires an understanding of this message. Thus, healing cannot be limited to the physical level.

Man exists as physical being, soul being and spiritual being. He can fall ill on all three levels, which mostly influence each other. Therefore, healing aid works on the material, subtle and spiritual level, and comprehensive healing is a holistic process that profoundly changes a person's consciousness. Healing is regarded as the restoration of the harmonious flow of life energy on the physical, mental and spiritual level. Mental and spiritual healing methods complement healing on the physical level. Every dancer who opens himself for inner expansion can come closer to his being heal through Energy Dancing.

"When we remember,
what tasks we are meant to accomplish in this life,
then healing happens in our body
and the blockades and diseases will disappear."

David Wared