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Light Awareness

Healing philosophy of the new time

According to the Light Awareness Philosophy, from which the new understanding of Energy Dancing arises, dance is a medium of expression, liberation, healing and becoming aware of oneself.

The Philosophy of Light Awareness is a healing philosophy in which all essential questions of humanity are answered openly, dogma-free and without contradiction. It is a philosophy of liberation from conditioning, blockades and beliefs, as well as healing on the level of spirit, soul and body.

It makes human being aware of where he come from (question of origin), who he really is (self recognition) and where he is going (meaning and sense of human existence). Light Awareness reveals human beings ways to their expansion and completed development.

The teaching is wise because it is not bound to a tradition or a cultural framework. For the first time, feeling is integrated as an equal to thinking. Every human being can deal with the Light Awareness Philosophy, learn and question its creationism, ethical explanations and practical tools, and yet remain in his culture, religion or scientific approach. What this innovative teaching contains and passes on is a wealth of impulses for personal and social development, whose origin is universal, thus generally valid.

The pure philosophical approach is not sufficient for many people on their way to healing. Also the body-oriented approaches are important for the human being and so David Wared developed a new, holistic healing system. From the Philosophy of Light Awareness, he founded the Light Essence Therapy and a meditation teaching. LightYoga, Light Constellation, Healing Sound Therapy, Healing Painting, Light Homeopathy, various Color Therapies as well as Energy Dancing have been developed or expanded by him from the holistic healing philosophy.

Philosophical Foundations of Energy Dancing

Energy Dancing was developed in the late 70s by David Wared from the Healing Philosophy of Light Awareness, which he founded, in order to integrate healing into previous systems.

According to the Philosophy of Light Awareness, the human being is a spiritual being that materializes in the levels of existence of body, soul and spirit in a dual environment. He is a being of eternity and has chosen a finite form in a material environment: his body, which serves him as a vehicle. Thus the human being can complete his self expression by experiencing himself as a finite individual person. On all levels the universal life energy is effective, because energy means strength or trigger for changes. Everything that is created from the highest source of creation UR is connected with energy.

In order to understand the effect, purpose and intention of Energy Dancing, an insight into the philosophical considerations of the universal principles is essential, because it is about more than what most people understand by dancing. To become aware of karmic burdens or to sustainably free yourself from unconscious beliefs that cause suffering and illness, it is necessary to look deeper at philosophy and integrate the tools into your everyday life.


„I'm the dancer for my dance,
I'm the dance, I'm the dance.

I am the dancer for your dance,
I'm the dance, I'm the dance.

I am the dancer for the dance,
I'm the dance, I'm the dance."

David Wared