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Stress blocks the flow of energy in the body. They can be caused, for example, by lack of exercise or poor nutrition, but there are also mental or spiritual limitations of which we are sometimes unaware. Patterns of thought, convictions, dependencies or even unresolved conflicts consume energy and do not allow the inner sources of strength to become conscious. Impulses from the heart level and an unbalanced feeling are ignored. The making of false compromises can even relate to the fact that we are not faithful to ourselves. If the dancer is open and willing to engage himself in his limitation and transform them and transform his limitations, the dance meditation can set this process of liberation and awareness in motion. In dance, aspects of the limitations are repeatedly revealed and by dealing with them, the dancer is enabled to release blockades that have manifested themselves on a physical, mental and/or spiritual level.

Energy Dancing especially activates the right hemisphere of the brain. This is responsible for feelings, creativity, intuition, images and body language, and coordinates movements. Energy Dancing can balance both hemispheres of the brain (cognitive and intuitive levels). This makes it easier for a person to get aware of connections that are composed like pieces of a puzzle.

"Liberation means,

to engage for something truly fulfilling

and to fulfil the purpose of the soul."

David Wared