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Meditative Dance Therapy

The healing Philosophy of Light Awareness, which was founded by the healing philosopher David Wared, forms the basis of dance therapeutic considerations. It expands and evolves previous philosophical approaches and provides "tools" with the help of which the path to a healthy and fulfilled life is made possible. The holistic philosophy has answers to all questions of life and includes a concept of healing, the Light Essence Therapy.

Building on the new understanding of dancing with energies in the body, the world's first Meditative Dance Therapy was developed. It is a component of this holistic healing system and forms the body-oriented pillar of vitalization. It integrates the universal principles of Light Awareness Philosophy and the healing approaches of Light Essence Therapy into dancing; among other things, energy work and the healing effect of colors are integrated.

The Energy Dancing therapy deals with social imprints that are expressed through dance. If they are not transformed, negative experiences can lead to blockades, which can then be reflected in movement patterns. According to the understanding of reincarnation of the Philosophy of Light Awareness, for example, information is stored in the cells which is reflected in the body.

In the Energy Dancing therapy, movement is introduced via the body, but its effect goes beyond the body level into the true essence of the human being, who longs for liberation from limitations and experiences of suffering.

If blockades, fears, resistance or the like show up, it is important to follow this up. Otherwise they will be displaced or repressed, but not solved. The energy used for repression is still "bound". So the human being uses a part of his vital force for repressing, shifting, rejecting and ignoring unprocessed events.

In Energy Dancing-therapy these themes and emotions can be shown and danced out. This form of dancing can open up many fields without discussing every topic in detail in advance. Only introductory words about the deeper meaning of the respective dance or a theme (e.g. meditative expressive dance) are required. Each meditative Dancer dances in his truth and in his expression. Group Dance Therapy is possible is possible as well.


A central focus of this form of dance therapy is that it allows the client to immerse himself deeply in his inner being, to be touched in his essence, in the way he can understand and feel it. The methods, which the dance therapist uses according to the Philosophy of Light Awareness, always depend on the needs of the dancers, and on what they need. This requires a lot of empathy on the part of the therapist and is only possible if the therapist has gone through his own steps of consciousness and recognition and can empathize with the client. Only in this way can the client be optimally "picked up" and accompanied.



Through the inner flow of energy, the innermost is brought to the surface from the depths of the soul. In this way they become perceptible again and can be integrated into everyday consciousness. Healing and becoming conscious are about gaining knowledge by solving something. This can happen during dancing. Old burdens and deep-seated emotions dissolve and the dancer clearly notices that something has fallen away from him. Through this kind of dance therapy, the consciousness of the people is raised and shadowy things are brought into the light.


Most people have blockages on a level of body, soul and /or spirit. The Energy Dancing-therapy is based on the healing premises of the Light Essence Therapy and does not only apply to people who are already limited in their everyday life by physical or psychosomatic illnesses. Energy Dancing-therapy can also be a valuable healing approach for people who are open to a holistic form of healing. Because healing must take place on all three levels, so that the person can reach his perfect homeostasis. Everything is connected with everything, and all physical diseases have their causes on the level of the soul or the spirit.