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Feel Free Dance

The Feel Free Dance leads you in six phases deeper into your body and into your cell level and gets unconscious information out of your body. The liberation dance leads you to feel something that is often not felt in everyday life.

Feel Free Dance is a liberation dance developed out of free dancing. The purpose and goal of this dance method is to free oneself from blocking and obstructing themes of one's life. The dancer experiences emotions and can express them through movements that are often not possible with words.

This dance is especially about liberation from e.g. emotions or sensations that have manifested themselves also physically. Often the themes are so deep hidden that the dancer cannot remember them. Repressed parts of soul and spirit are brought back into consciousness, perceived and experienced in dance. This inner feeling finds its expression and its communication in dance. The dancer feels himself and creates spaces out of his core to go non-verbally into dance movements.

The Feel Free Dance is introduced by the instructor and the dancers can come into contact with a theme that is about to become conscious and dissolve. In six phases the dancer is guided step by step into more intensive movements and has the possibility to feel deeper and deeper into himself. In the different phases, the dancer is brought into contact with his feelings. In each phase a different movement pattern can be recognized and, in each phase, he experiences a different aspect of his theme. In a free experimental phase he can express his feelings particularly intensively. Towards the end, he returns to more calm, sensitive dancing, so that he can perceive the newly gained space within him.


"Wake up in love.
Awaken the peace within you.
Learn the truth of being.
"Experience the unity of all life within you."

David Wared