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I am happy that you take time for your rhythm of life and invite you to experience the different light dances on a new level and to bring new impulses into your life.

Energy Dancing - as meditation in movement - is connection, contact, expansion and healing. It is a wonderful opportunity to express yourself through intuitive movements and to show yourself authentically.

Through the meditative dancing you get access to your sources of strength again, which strengthen you on your path of consciousness. This makes it easier for you to master also the challenging situations in everyday life and to deal with them. Energy Dancing enables you to express yourself and to experience "Oneness".

Regular classes

Weekly: Energy Dancing & further meditation in movement:


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Acoustical Energy Dancing

Immerse yourself in the philosophy of

Energy Dancing: Katrin Sporenberg in an

interview. Listen to this podcast.

Workshops & Events

Workshops & events this summer.

Next Workshop:
26.05.2024 in Trier

Start of Training 2023

Another Energy Dancing Teacher training is scheduled to start in April 2023.

The training can intensify body sensation, deepen feeling  and open up new spiritual levels.


Book publication


This book indicates the diversity inherent in Energy Dancing and how profound the experiences are. The book gives you an insight into the healing dance founded by David Wared. The author connects ...


Lightdance around the world


Our heart's desire is to bring the vision of extended humanity into the world. Through a common lightdance, we create the possibilities for non-verbal communication and encounter, Peace dances for worldwide light expansion ...


What is Energy Dancing?


Energy Dancing is a meditative method of
expressing feelings through movement.


Energy Dancing Trailer


Do you feel the universal light essence in your body?
Open new spaces and send healing into the world.